In a world of visual expression, I am a self-taught mark maker, an explorer of colours, design-builder. I learn from others, learn from nature, learn from my art tools. I learn about myself. I communicate my inner thoughts and feelings to the outside world. Thrilled when someone hears me.

I love the unknown ahead of me. I put a stroke here, a line beside it, a smudge of colour there and then the paper starts to talk to me, to lead me in a certain direction. Each mark unfolds the next move. The whole is changed. The important becomes unimportant, and the new mark gains some weight. But the next move changes the relationships again, like in life. No mark is a mistake, because a new change puts it right. All the countless possibilities are the freedom of creativity.

My inspiration can come from anywhere. A play of light, an intricate surface, a simple pattern, a soft or juicy colour. It can be triggered by sense, or emotion. Often a technique or a tool brings the excitement of creating something out of nothing. A blank paper is a thrilling prospect that ‘anything can happen’, and so I let my intuition take the first steps, without much preconception. At some point, though, my deliberate actions take over, less moves, more thinking. Finally a happy feeling in my gut tells me it’s done.

Beside delicious pigments, paper is the other material that is very important to me. This is one reason that in past decades I made my art exclusively on paper surfaces. So many possibilities to experiment, so many different outcomes.

The other thing that stirs the pot is a new technique. Exploring, learning, failing, succeeding, this journey makes me feel alive. Creative juices will flow. I love how one technique brings out new ideas in others. Printmaking , painting, drawing, digital art.

Art for me comes naturally, and the philosophy of life teaches me to make it. In return it teaches me to live life fully.

life and art